Steps to Deal with Water Damage

Steps to deal with water damage

Water damage in your home or commercial business is not only a nuisance; it can cause significant financial hardship and emotional distress.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but there are several steps you can take to ensure that the situation is properly resolved. Acting promptly can also help you recover any financial losses sustained by the damage.

Flooding, broken or corroded pipes, appliance malfunctions and storms to your roof can cause water damage. What appears to be a small leak may be the first sign of a much greater problem. Even if the damage seems minimal, it’s crucial to take action as soon as you notice it.

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Some sources are easy to spot like refrigerator supply line, a sewage backup from the toilet, a problem with the hot water heater or a when the wax ring on your toilet has failed.

Some are not so easy like a roof leak or internal pipe within a wall cavity.

Caution – Getting on a roof (or even a ladder) is incredibly dangerous, especially a steep roof or an older roof with loose granules. So unless you are experienced with getting on a roof and use the proper safety measure call a professional.

Instead of risking your life getting on a roof, the next time it rains go in the attic with a flashlight and see if you have any water coming in.   This will help you determine if you have an issue with the roof.   To pinpoint exactly where on the roof water is coming from you or a professional roofing company will have to perform a water test. This does require getting on the roof and using a hose to spray specific areas at a time. Again, if you are not comfortable being on a roof, leave it to the professional. If you are going to do it yourself, you will also need someone in the attic with a flashlight and pale to see where exactly the leak is coming from.

If you are not able to locate the source of the leak, contact a professional to investigate the situation – either a plumber or a company that specializes in leak detection. That’s right there are companies that that all they do is specialize in leak detection.

Pro Tip – To save time, when you call a plumbing company ask them is they can guarantee or are able to determine where the leak before you agree to call them out.  It is important to take action as soon as the leak is discovered to preserve  insurance coverager.


Unless it is a flood or water coming from the roof, turn off the water sources. 

The different ways you can turn off the water:

  • The supply inlet/outlet valves for fixtures like toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and clothes washers supply line inside the house.
  • The main supply line for your house – may be located on the outside of the front wall. 
  • The main city line where the water meter – sometime underground in value box and may require a special tool.

Call us today at 281-795-5736.  We will be there within 1 – 3 hours and give you a free damage evaluation, will answer any questions you have and can guide you through the insurance process if need be.


Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement for the repairs and remediation.

Not all water damage needs to be an insurance claim. Our experienced water damage team can guide you with what is going to be the best option.

When you find out what issue has caused the water damage on your property, make sure to take photos so that the progression of the damage can be monitored. If you have any photos of the property prior to the water damage, keep those as well.

Most homeowners’ insurance plans have certain restrictions, so it’s important to be as detailed as possible when contacting the insurance carrier. Take note of the repairs they will and will not cover, so that you can later make sure your coverage rights are protected.

Caution – Be careful the words you use if you are filing an insurance claim.  You may unintentionally phrase an answer to the insurance company’s question that may lead to disapproving your claim. 

Our team has the experience with insurance almost every insurance company in the market, and can guide you in getting your home back to pre-loss conditions.

Call us today at 281-795-5736.  We will be there within 1 – 3 hours for your a free damage evaluation, will answer any questions you have, and can tell you if you have enough damage to file an insurance claim or not.

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