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You Suffered a Flood

A flood is stressful, emotional and devastating so be proud of yourself to have the courage to find out information to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.  

You have taken the correct step in acting as quickly as you can to minimize the damage caused by flood water.  If not address quickly, water damage caused by a flood can turn into mold damage fast.

Flood water can not only damage walls, floors, furniture, personal items, etc. inside the house, but it can also weaken the foundation of your house. It can also affect the air quality inside the house.  

Whomever you choose to perform your flood restoration, be sure that they are a professional IICRC licensed restoration company

How to Proceed in Flood Restoration

Flood Damage & Restoration

After the flood waters have begun to recede from your property, call a professional flood restoration company like Woodlands Water Restoration to begin the flood damage restoration process as soon as possible.  It is not necessary that you call your insurance to begin the process. Proper flood restoration and repair includes:

  • Assessment and water removal of your property.
  • Disposal of furnishings and contents that are damaged beyond repair.
  • Setting up fans and dehumidified to ensure you home is completely dry.
  • Clean and decontaminate the building to remove any potential environmental, chemical, and/or biological contaminants left by the flood water.
  • Check the building for any foundation damage.
  • Rebuilding your home to pre-loss condition.


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What Our Clients Say

Anna Johnson / Spring, TX

“They did a super job, even as the job got bigger and bigger due to the extent of the water damage. They informed us of the process up front, and kept us posted on the progress, always letting us know what was coming next, and responding kindly and clearly to our questions.”

Eric Black / Conroe, TX

"The company was out within hours of the leak and evaluated the situation and found there was no water damage and not a need to dry the area — which saved me money."

Melissa Armstrong

"James was a life saver! He took his time going over everything with me in detail, he taped it off, he took pictures, he went over the insurance claim part with me, got our adjusters information, he called another one of his teammates that is coming out to get the water and all that good stuff out to make sure he knew exactly what was going on and what needed to be done so that way I didn’t have to worry about explaining or any questions being asked to me."

David Ohnheiser

"We had some water damage from an overflowing sink upstairs. Aaron did an excellent job evaluating our damage. He was very honest and knowledgeable. He gave us solutions and options. I definitely would recommend this company"

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