Repairs & Restorations

Repairs & Restorations

Why move when you can improve?


You have equity in your home, both financial and emotional.  You have raised your family and now they are coming back home with their growing family for the holidays.  You find yourself entertaining more or maybe it is just time to update your kitchen or bathroom?  Do you no longer use the formal dining room and would love to and a large entry area or make your kitchen large? While the options are reasons are endless, we know one thing, remodeling can be your answer and we can help you with your project.




Are you looking to update your master suite or hall bathroom? Maybe your lower level needs a bathroom added for when guests come to stay. Do you have a large corner tub that very rarely gets used? Have you thought about how wonderful it would be to have a large walk-in shower?


We can walk you through the process of design and selecting the right products for your bathroom. You may have always dreamed of having a tiled shower with a rain can, or maybe a solid surface shower base and walls to help reduce the amount of maintenance needed.


Perhaps you need to make changes due to an injury.  Can you no longer lift your foot up and over that tub apron and need to walk in to shower space?  Maybe a wheelchair is needed and you are trying to figure out how to make that happen. We can help with ADA designs or just install a grab bar if that is all you need. We pride ourselves on being CAPS (Certified Aging in-Place Specialists) and working to understand each of our clients’ individual needs.




Kitchens can have the most dramatic impact on a home. This is where a lot of your living takes place. Why not have it function for the way you and your family live? Maybe an open concept home is something you have always wanted and we can start with your kitchen.


Maybe your kitchen space doesn’t need to change but the cabinets or countertops have seen better days. You do not always need to tear out down to the studs to get a new kitchen. We can install new cabinets, new countertops or flooring all while working in the predesignated space. Maybe you just need to add a backsplash and your old kitchen will have new life.


You could be to the point where your family has grown so much you need to add onto your home to make a kitchen large enough to accommodate everyone. We can walk you through all the steps starting with design to make this an enjoyable and exciting process for you.



Have you and your family reached the point where you are in the dilemma of trying to decide to move or to add an addition on to your current home? Do you enjoy hanging out with your neighbors on a football Saturday? Is your home close to work and/or school? Do you have equity in your home? Do you dislike the thought of packing up all those boxes to move? Transforming your current home into your dream home CAN be done.


There are so many reasons why people add onto their homes. It maybe for accessible living (ADA) needs.  Are you thinking of moving a parent into your home? You may want a larger family room, larger kitchen, master suite, need an additional bathroom or bedroom. What is your reason?


Then stay put and add onto your home! We know you might be thinking, “I just can’t picture how this might work,” but let the HRT experts show you how it can work for you!


Outdoor Projects


There are so many projects you want to do outside, but you just don’t know which one to start on first.  Let us help you with that! We can build pergolas, wood fences, outdoor living spaces, gazebos, sheds, garages, decks, screen rooms and handrails.  We can even help you with your outside repairs and maintenance on your soffits, fascia, siding, doors and windows.


Whole Home Remodeling


You love the location of your home.  It is close to work/school and your neighbors are amazing.  You just don’t want to move, but your home doesn’t meet your current family’s needs.  Your home has good solid construction and you have equity in it. So why not reconfigure the space you have in your home?


Are you thinking about your future and possible physical challenges you may have?  We can help you with accessibility design and products so you can stay in your home.


Maybe the formal dining room no long fits your lifestyle?


Give us a call and we can help walk you through a whole home remodel from design to final construction.